Welcome to Patel Management

We are a Florida based company that owns and operates Dunkin Donuts and Buffalo Wild Wings GO. In addition to owning these exceptional brands we own and develop over 70,000 sq ft of commercial real estate. We have an aggressive growth plan over the next 5-7 years to double our current holdings in the QSR space and commercial real estate.

We are always looking for exceptional talent to join our team and grow with us. We have grown our business through a people first culture throughout the years. Which has allowed us to keep long term management personal. We have received multiple awards throughout the years: 2020 South Central Operator of the year, 2016 Certified Developer, 2013 Highest Guest Satisfaction, 2010 Fastest Drive Thru South Central Region. We attribute all of this to the culture we have built within the organization and the employees we call family.

Company Awards


2020 South central Operator of the year


2016 Certified Developer


2013 Highest guest satisfaction


2010 fastest drive thru speed south central


Babcock Plaza

Available 2 free standing QSR space

4889 South Congress Ave

Medical space